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Superficial Mycoses – sample analysis

Superficial Mycoses – Molecular analysis

Superficial mycoses are benign infections caused by dermatophyte or non-dermatophyte fungi (NDM). These dermatophyste can colonize the skin, hair and nails, which are substrates where keratin is found.

Isolating and correctly identifying the agent causing the superficial mycosis is essential to choosing the right treatment and avoiding recurrent infections. Treatments used for dermatophyte infections are not always appropriate for infections caused by NDM or other non-infectious pathologies, such as psoriasis and autoimmune diseases, which may present symptoms similar to those of superficial mycosis.

The molecular analysis performed by Biron’s laboratory medicine team provides a complete profile of superficial mycosis. This analysis is also faster, more precise and more reliable than traditional methods (culture and microscopy).

Biron sets itself apart

Superficial Mycoses – Molecular analysis

  • Results available within 10 days.
  • Simultaneous detection of 50 pathogenic fungi.
  • Identification of multiple infections
  • Allows a quick selection of an appropriate treatment.
  • Costs reimbursed by private insurers.

*A medical prescription is required.

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