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What is a diagnostic test for sleep apnea?

a device for sleep apnea

A diagnosis of sleep apnea is based on the evaluation of several parameters, including the number of respiratory events per hour of sleep and their effects on different systems, variations in heart rate, oxygen levels in the blood and sleep fragmentation. For such a diagnosis to be established, you will first have to fill out an in-depth questionnaire on your sleep, then undergo a test in the laboratory or your home according to your doctor’s instructions. Following this test, the collected data is sent to a sleep respirologist for analysis according to predefined medical criteria in order to determine whether you suffer from sleep apnea.

Biron, your partner in the diagnosis of sleep disorders

Our sleep laboratories provide the full range of tests, at home or in the laboratory, during the night or day. Whether diagnosing sleep apnea and other sleep disorders or assessing the best treatments for you, our healthcare professionals trained in sleep care consider your needs and wellbeing, and adapt the treatment to your lifestyle.

Find answers with our online screening form.

Our tests and treatments

Biron offers a full range of services covering all aspects of sleep disorder diagnosis.

To determine if there is a reduction in your blood oxygen level while sleeping:

Nocturnal saturometry for children

To determine whether you suffer from sleep apnea:

Sleep cardiorespiratory polygraph
Split-night adult polysomnography
Pediatric polysomnography

To determine the ideal pressure setting on the CPAP machine to treat your sleep apnea:

Automated titration of PAP treatment
Manual titration of PAP treatment

To validate the effectiveness of your therapy (e.g. CPAP therapy):

Maintenance of Wakefulness Test

To confirm a diagnosis of narcolepsy or other daytime sleep disorder:

Multiple Sleep Latency Test

A medical prescription is required to perform these examinations.

Do you think you may be suffering from sleep apnea? At Biron, we have created an online screening test which can help you determine in a few seconds if your symptoms may be related to sleep apnea.

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