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These tests are used to describe certain atypical colours of red blood cells examined under the microscope in an abnormal complete blood count.

Polychromasia – Great variation in the colour of the red blood cells, including pale red, normal or dark colours, indicating a highly variable hemoglobin level. Seen in anemias with regeneration of red blood cells.

Term of the Week

Creatine Kinase MM (CK-MM)

CK (creatine kinase) is an enzyme (protein) found in several tissues, including muscles and the heart. Depending on the tissue, different forms of CK are present: CK-MM is primarily present in skeletal muscles, CK-MB represents 30% of CK from the heart, while CK-BB comes from the brain and smooth muscle, such as the intestinal walls. Atypical forms of CK (macro CK1 and macro CK2) can also be present. CK electrophoresis is most useful when muscular or cardiac disease does not seem to be responsible for the increased level of total CK.