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20 to 30% of the Canadian population is affected by some form of allergy. At Biron, we offer the ImmunoCAP® test, a fast and accurate technology that can test more than 650 allergens.

Who are allergy tests for?

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Some 20 to 30 %of Canadians suffer from some form of allergy and recent research indicates that one in thirteen has a significant food allergy. Early screening and rapid intervention, especially for children, is the best way to prevent eventual complications from an allergy. The diagnosis of an allergy should be made by a health professional who specializes in this area.

Any diagnosis of allergy is based primarily on detailed observation. The type of symptoms and the circumstances of the reaction will enable the specialist to determine the appropriate tests: a combination of skin tests and blood IgE assays.

Biron provides innovative tests, which are timely and precise, covering over 650 allergens. These help to prevent your allergy from transforming into a chronic disease.

Biron allergy tests - ImmunoCAP™ technology

Biron allergy tests use ImmunoCAP™ technology to evaluate the presence of an anti-allergy antibody known as immunoglobulin E (IgE). Specific IgE antibodies trigger symptoms of allergy to certain allergenic substances. IgE antibodies are normally present in small amounts in the blood, but larger amounts can be a signal that an allergy is present. The tests have many benefits:

  • Ability to quantify the degree of the allergy, to track its progress and assess the effectiveness of immunotherapy treatments.
  • The tests are performed in vitro, thus providing stable results that do not vary according to skin condition, medication, technique or other external factors.

These tests signal the presence of lgE(s) caused by allergenic substances, but the result itself does not confirm the presence of the allergy. Different allergy tests, such as blood tests and skin tests, may give different results. A physician who specializes in allergies will be able to determine if these tests are appropriate for your situation.

If your healthcare professional has prescribed this test or if you have any questions, contact us at 1 833 590-2715.

MyBiron: Access your test results online

MyBiron: Access your test results online

Biron helps you take charge of your health. Consult your laboratory test results online easily and securely and discover their meaning.

Accessible on all types of devices, safe, free and easy to use, MyBiron allows you to prepare for your visit to the doctor.

*Some results may be sent exclusively to the requesting physician.