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The right care, right on time

Biron provides patients, physicians and organizations with an ecosystem of services, expertise and data to harness the full potential of medical information. The result is greater visibility and greater control, for better health.

Health from A to Zzzz

The sheer amount of health information on the web can be overwhelming, so how do you know who or what to trust? Our Education Centre gives you a reliable source of information in a clear, concise format, including educational guides, expert advice and explanatory illustrations. Quite simply, it’s the reference you need—and can trust—to take better control of your health!

Syphilis, chlamydia, gonorrhea and HIV: it’s everyone’s business!

Because some answers can not wait: results in 24 hours or less. Screening for sexually transmitted and blood-borne infections (STBBIs) is about your own health and the one of others.

98.5% client satisfaction rate! Here are a few of their testimonials:

Clinic very clean. Staff very polite, professional, helpful, respectful. Very satisfied with my visit.
Medical imaging - March 9 2018
The service centres are close to home, and the staff is available and competent. Thank you to Annie, whom I particularly appreciate.
Sleep - January 13 2018
I would like to thank you BiogeniQ for offering patients and families this valuable service.
BiogeniQ - 15 mai 2018
The nurse was very efficient, cheerful, kind and professional.
Medical Laboratory, Sampling and Nursing Care - January 13 2018
The technologist, Alexandra, welcomed me in a kind, gentle manner. Thank you.
Medical Imaging - February 21 2018
Great service, bravo to everyone! Sophie was very reassuring to my boys. Thank you.
Medical Laboratory, Sampling and Nursing Care - January 3 2018