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Our approach

laboratory technician looking through a micoscope

Building trust

We provide patients, doctors and organizations with the services, expertise, and data they need to obtain the best possible medical information. The result: the kind of transparency and efficiency that leads to better health.

Our values


The individual is at the center of our concerns.

We demonstrate behavior focused on listening and understanding of the needs of everyone.


Our actions reflect our words.

We are committed to perform our duties to the best of our abilities and in compliance with the highest standards.


We are committed to respecting each person

Patient, referring physician, supplier and co-worker, through our words and our actions.


Our actions reflect our words.

We act in accordance with legislation and standards.

Patient et technicien devant un appareil IRM


We are committed to being open to change and constantly improving our services so as to remain relevant to our clients and open up new markets.

Biron - innovation

Our Benefits

Support and integrity

Our approach is based on supporting and listening to our patients and continuously monitoring patient satisfaction to maintain this bond of trust.

A strong, accessible network

With more than 120 service centres providing a full range of care, we guarantee our patients speedy access to certified medical experts and high-tech equipment.

Take charge of your health

Our approach helps our patients be proactive about their health. Our patients can use the educational content, personalized reports and online communities we provide to learn about health issues and take better care of their health.

Getting the facts straight

Our reputation is based on certified data and top-quality medical expertise. We give our patients the straight goods – every time.

Support. Knowledge. Prevention.

Many resources keep you informed.

Your data. Your dashboard.

Keep an eye on your health.

For another year, Biron has been named one of Canada's Best Managed Companies.

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Building relationships

Communication is key to every good relationship. From the warm welcome they receive in-clinic to diligent telephone follow-ups, our teams work hard to maintain a close relationship with our patients.

With more than 120 service centres throughout Quebec, Biron is close to Quebecers.

Biron, smiling technician in Laboratory

First-rate medical expertise is provided by more than 350 health care professionals.

historic image of Biron's promotional car in the 70's
Biron's Executive Committee discussing
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Biron scientific image of bacterial culture