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Please note that we are currently performing maintenance on our systems, which will affect the availability of certain applications. Full access should be restored shortly.
Please note that we are currently performing maintenance on our systems, which will affect the availability of certain applications. Full access should be restored shortly.

Cracking the code to your health.

Genetics makes us all different and gives us each a unique health profile. Today, a quick, simple test is all it takes to see if you’re at risk of developing a genetic disease or of having an adverse drug reaction. And it gives you the peace of mind of making more informed decisions about your health.

  • Genetics

Genetics can seem complicated to understand. Biron's genetics team, BiogeniQ, is available to address your concerns. Whether you have questions regarding your risk of disease, hereditary cancer or the efficiency of your medication, our team of experts can answer your questions and guide you through the process.

Questions about Genetics?

Concerned about genetic disease?

Genetic counselling adresses the following three concerns :

  • you suffer from a disease

  • a member of your familly is sick

  • you are interested in prevention

Concerned about medication?

Pharmacogenetics adresses the following three concerns :

  • you are starting a new medication and you don't know which to choose

  • you are taking medication and it is problematic

  • you are uncertain about taking medication

Our team of specialists in genetics dedicated to your health

Nathalie Bolduc, MSc, CCGC, CGC

Clinical Genetics Director - Certified Genetic Counsellor

Dr Nicolas Tétreault, PhD, CSPQ, FCACB

Clinical Biochemist - Scientific Director

Michel Cameron, PhD

Pharmacogenomics Director

Jérôme Maheux, PhD

Scientific Laboratory Director

Étienne Crevier, M.Sc.

BiogeniQ's Founder and General Manager

Catherine Drouin-Audet, Dt.P

Director of Operations BiogeniQ

Here are a few of our customers testimonials:

After much trial and error, my daughter no longer wanted to take her medication. Thanks to the BiogeniQ test, we discovered a molecule that we didn’t know and that works for her. I share my story with everyone who’s going through a similar situation.
The test, the delivery of the results and their analysis with the pediatrician were surprisingly simple. We changed the medication and, two weeks later, the results were noticeable. It’s incredible to be able to do this rather than spend years damaging both the child’s well-being and the family fabric!
The staff was incredibly nice to my son, especially in answering his many repeated questions. I was able to get an appointment on a Saturday morning, which really fit my schedule.
I greatly appreciated the follow-up I received by phone, since I hadn’t yet sent in my sample. Afterward, I received the results quickly, which were available online. They’re easy to understand and well documented. In short, the service was excellent. Thank you!
The service is extraordinary. You deal with serious people who understand your needs and are committed to providing quality services on time. I recommend the services at BiogeniQ without hesitation.
Excellent, fast and efficient! I wish I knew about BiogeniQ before my chronic pain began. It would have saved me a lot of unnecessary medication following my surgeries.

Let's Get Started!

Whether you have concerns about disease or medication, our experts will guide you in your search for information.