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The Sleep Support and Treatment Program

Biron's Sleep Support and Treatment Program

Our sleep apnea diagnostic and therapeutic treatment service is based on the principles of motivation and education.

At Biron, our approach focuses consistently on an active partnership with you to treat your sleep apnea while taking into consideration your needs, comfort and wellbeing. We are here to help you at all times, for the long term!

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Initial education and therapeutic trial meeting

Following your diagnosis, you will meet with a respiratory therapist, who will explain the treatment prescribed by your doctor. The therapist will recommend an approach to optimize the benefits for your health and quality of life.

In particular, you will discuss the equipment that can be used when prescribed by the doctor (CPAP, Auto-CPAP or Bilevel machine, masks), its operation and maintenance. Our respiratory therapist will answer all your questions and you can call them back when you need for more information.

Attentive and personalized treatment

Three follow-up sessions are conducted by the respiratory therapist who met with you:

  • The first within a week
  • The second within a month; and
  • The third, six months after the start of treatment, and then every six months afterward
  • Additional follow-up at no cost is also possible, depending on your condition

A therapeutic treatment report will be drafted and forwarded to your doctor.

Annual follow-up

Every year, we recommend that you replace your equipment and accessories such as masks, tubing, humidifier chamber and filters to ensure effective treatment and avoid the formation of micro-organisms.

If you’re having problems with your therapy, you can make an appointment with your respiratory therapist.

Trial period

At the start of therapy, adjustments are sometimes necessary to promote adherence. This is why Biron offers you a three-month trial period.