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Pharmacogenomic testing (PGx)

Find the path to wellbeing with personalized medicine

Pharmacogenomic tests (PGx) are DNA tests that allow your doctor to predict certain risks associated with medications and make better drug choices based on your genetics.

What are the benefits of a pharmacogenomic test?

PGx tests evaluate select portions of your DNA to determine how these affect your response to medications.

The tests look at your results from three perspectives:

How fast your body is capable of eliminating a medication dose to avoid taking doses that are either too high or too low.
Identify medications that may be more or less effective at treating your symptoms.
Bouteilles de médicaments
Identify whether you may have predispositions for particular medication side effects.

Get better, faster than with standard trial-and-error

  • 145 medications used for mental health and pain management.
  • 44 genes tested.
  • This is not a blood test, you only need to provide a saliva sample.

Why do your DNA tests with Biron?

Rapid results within 10 working days


Pharmacogenomic report covering 145 drugs


Simple, painless saliva sampling at home


Support from our experts


Data security and confidentiality


How does the genetic test work?

Step 2

Collect your saliva sample

Follow the instructions provided in the kit and mail your sample using the pre-paid return envelope.
Saliva sample
Step 3

Get your report and a free consultation

Your results will be available within 10 working days upon reception of your sample. Book a meeting with one of our specialists to interpret your results.
Get your report

PGx tests offered by Biron

Starting at $499

Complete pharmacogenomic test

Mental Health & Pain Management combo

Frequently asked questions about pharmacogenomic tests (PGx)

Who can receive the report?

How is my data protected?

How long are my results valid for?

Avoid the lengthy process of trial and error. Order your test today.

Avoid the lengthy process of trial and error. Order your test today.

Are you unsure whether a pharmacogenomic test can help you?
Talk to our scientist on the phone at no charge.

Already took the test? View your reports in the Biron Genetics portal.