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Intervention and care for absences and disabilities

Intervention and care for absences and disabilities

A proactive approach adapted to your company's needs to avoid absences and inefficiencies in the medical management of absences. The program promotes a quicker and healthier return to work for employees.

Absences and disabilities are at the heart of HR and OHS priorities

Are certain members of your staff frequently absent or on sick leave? Their absence can result in substantial costs for your company.

Biron Health at Work makes every effort to reduce the length of these absences, providing the care best suited to helping them return to work without delay.

Intervention and care for absences and disabilities are an integral part of our Workplace Intervention service.

On average, according to the IRSST, the monetary losses associated with an occupational disease can reach more than $161,000 for a sick employee.

Find out more today

Find out more today

Reduce your absence and disability costs with Biron Health at Work's management and support program.

Statistics that don't lie

According to the* CNESST's Annual Statistics 2021 report*, Occupational illnesses were up 26,9% in 2021 compared to 2020...

Your company may be impacted, but solutions exist.

Biron Health at work helps you manage absences and disabilities

Intervention at the onset of absence, accident, illness, stress, by identifying the causes and optimizing preventive and curative solutions, is an undeniable competitive advantage for your organization.

  • Ask our nursing staff to provide personalized support to your employees, if needed.
  • Minimize the number and length of absences by offering optimal care from the outset, with our medical team responding in the first 48 to 72 hours.
  • Keep short-term absences from becoming long-term disabilities by making sure employees are quickly attended to.
  • Support your employees’ recovery, offering them treatment adapted to their condition through our support and health coaching service for employees on disability.

Benefit from Biron Health at work expertise for your company

Quickly taken care of

Benefit from being attend to by a nurse within 24 hours.

In clinic or remotely

Take advantage of medical assessments and consultations at a clinic or remotely, as required.

Translation service

Take advantage of a translation service for 240 languages and dialects.

Large network of resources

Gain access to a vast network of medical resources (medical laboratory, sleep care, medical imaging, pharmacogenomics and more).

Accompaniment from A to Z

Health coaching and close collaboration with the employer and the employee during the entire management process

Proactive follow-ups

Receive support with proactive follow-ups, usually every two weeks based on the treatment plan, to help the employee return to work sooner.

Find out how we can help you support a healthy return to work for your employees.

A concrete case? Biron Health at work in action.

Get more information for your business

Get more information for your business

Curious to see how Biron Health at Work can meet your company's needs?