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Blood Cholesterol

Total Cholesterol

Cholesterol is an essential component of health (cell membranes, production of steroid hormones, vitamin D and bile salts, etc.). Over 75% of the body's cholesterol comes from cholesterol synthesis, mainly by the liver, and the remaining 25% comes from diet. Cholesterol circulates in the blood together with proteins in the form of very fine droplets called "lipoproteins." Depending on the nature of the proteins contained in each droplet, the main cholesterol fractions are HDL or "good" cholesterol, LDL or "bad" cholesterol and others. Interpreting total cholesterol levels is less useful than interpreting its fractions (HDL, LDL, non-HDL, apolipoprotein B). See these specific results.

Term of the Week

Predictive medicine

Medicine that links medical knowledge with data to predict a patient’s potential health problems. Examples include artificial intelligence and genetics.