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Sleep hygiene program

Reclaim your bed and your life.

Do you feel tired upon waking despite the impression of having slept enough? Do you have trouble falling asleep or do you frequently wake up during the night? Be aware that better sleep hygiene practices can make all the difference! That's why Biron offers you a personalized sleep hygiene program, available without a medical prescription.

What is sleep hygiene?

Sleep hygiene refers to the measures we take to improve or maintain sleep quality. At Biron, we know that sleep quality is about more than just quantity. In fact, restful sleep depends on a variety of factors, including lifestyle habits, bedtime routine and sleep environment. This is where our sleep hygiene program comes in to support you. Together, we will create the winning conditions for your road to restful sleep!

The benefits of good sleep hygiene

Restful sleep is crucial for improving mood, concentration, memory and productivity, as well as physical and mental health. Sleep hygiene measures are considered a first step in treating insomnia. They can help reduce the impact of external factors that disrupt sleep. Our sleep hygiene program has proven its worth for many people, who have regained a better quality of life.

Who benefits from this therapy?

If you’re not sleeping well or striving for better nights of sleep, our sleep hygiene program is for you. Whether you suffer from obstructive sleep apnea or another sleep disorder, our program will be a great complement to the treatment prescribed to you.

How our program works

Our program includes three sessions with a respiratory therapist, via videoconference or over the phone.


Benefit from our sleep hygiene program today!

Thanks to the Sleep Hygiene program, I feel more energetic and have noticed a definite improvement in my sleep. I have a better understanding of the science of sleep and have discovered techniques to improve sleep quality.
For the past few years, I’ve had serious problems sleeping. During my consultation, I have been explained the various phases of sleep very well, along with the problems linked to a poor experience of them. The specialist is very competent in her field and conveys information clearly. She listens with empathy to our suffering and actively seeks resources to help us.
Karine proposed solutions adapted to my reality and helped me find tools to improve my sleep routine. I've been able to regain control of my nights, I no longer have insomnia or fatigue symptoms, and my energy level has returned to normal. The consultations in sleep hygiene greatly improved my quality of life, thanks to Karine’s professional expertise.