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Our story

  • Our story

Though Biron’s beginnings were humble, Denis Biron’s vision wasn’t. In 1952, driven by dreams of entrepreneurship he’d carried with him since his childhood days picking up golf balls at the Montreal Municipal Golf Club, the young graduate set up shop in the former kitchen of an east end medical clinic. There, labouring alone for the first ten years, he laid the foundations for a relationship-driven business model, setting out to deliver diagnostic services in a manner entirely new to Quebec.

In the decades since, we’ve grown into a company with more than 120 care centers and sleep care clinics and more than 800 employees. But as the world around us has changed beyond measure, the things we believe in haven’t. This is what it comes down to: every patient deserves the right care at the right time, from experts who value their trust.

Standing at the forefront of rapid changes in healthcare doesn’t mean sacrificing what we’re best at. As we've innovated, in our diagnostics and radiology businesses, as well as the emerging areas of genetic testing and sleepcare, we’ve done so in a way that guarantees results that endure, with our award-winning management practices built around personal care, great service and rigorous quality and privacy control.

We’ve adapted and embraced new technologies, new platforms and healthcare breakthroughs as they have emerged, but we’ve never lost touch with the basic truths we were founded on. We’re still a family company, now led by the next generation. As we combine our complete ecosystem of services for prevention, diagnosis, and treatment with our data expertise, we now help patients, employers and health professionals take comprehensive control of care, not just with diagnosis and treatment but with ongoing prevention and lifestyle solutions, throughout every stage of life.

Biron is committed to providing reliable, high quality services and advice with the greatest of care and respect, delivered where and when they’re needed.

It’s the approach you’d expect of a family business six decades in, and as everything else about healthcare changes, that won’t.

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