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It pays to value employee well-being.

Employee well-being can have a significant impact on your team’s productivity and performance. Our occupational health and wellness experts conduct a thorough examination of your workplace to see how you can reduce your health-related costs. Together, we can build business relationships based on trust that extend well beyond health.

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Our Services

We provide a full range of business services in occupational health and wellness, either on-site or in our specialized clinics. These tests take place throughout an employee’s journey, from pre-placement medical to managing work attendance.

Benefits of Choosing the Biron Team

Biron’s multi-disciplinary team, flexible and innovative, offers you unique and versatile occupational health expertise. We work with you and your employees to determine your needs and the program that suits you best.

The Biron team is known for:
  • Its 4 occupational medicine clinics
  • A Canada-wide network of partner clinics
  • Customized services and programs, all delivered under one roof
  • Supervision by an occupational medicine specialist
  • Commitment to information confidentiality
  • A team that can go on site
  • 24-48 hour timeframe for most advisory services

Tangible Benefits of a Healthy and Safe Work Environment

Your employees are your best asset, and their physical and psychological health has a direct impact on their performance and productivity. Any investment in implementing programs that promote a culture of health and well-being in your workplace brings you several financial benefits.

Employees in good mental and physical health who have a good quality of work life are:

  • More productive and creative
  • More motivated and engaged
  • More satisfied (limiting your turnover rate)
  • Less absent and less present at work when sick