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Assessment of the functional capabilities

Assessment of the functional capabilities

Functional Abilities Assessment: Determine if your employees and your candidates have the physical abilities and the skills necessary to perform their jobs.

By caring about your employees' abilities and health, you show them that their well-being and safety are important to you.

Did you know that?

  • A candidate who has functional limitations that are not compatible with the requirements of the job will be injured within the first 1 to 5 years after being hired.
  • 4% to 5% of candidates for a given position have functional limitations that diminish their ability to do the job safely..

How do you determine if your employees or your candidates have the required functional capabilities?

The functional skills assessment includes:

  • A precise analysis of the physical requirements of the task
  • Clear acceptance criteria
  • Standardized tests with objective reference values
  • Muscle strength assessment
  • Mobility test (FMSS): focused impairments and muscle weaknesses
  • A lumbar assessment
  • A weight-bearing test (PILE) to evaluate an individual's ability to lift loads repeatedly
  • An exercise capacity test: endurance
  • An evaluation and a training on candida management techniques
  • A subjective and objective musculoskeletal assessment performed by a competent professional (kinesiologist or ergonomist)
Find out more today

Find out more today

Find out how we can help you assess the functional abilities of your employees or your candidates in relation to their job.

A valid and reliable tool

The functional abilities assessment helps match the individual's functional abilities to the specific requirements to perform the task, without endangering their health or the health of their co-workers.

The assessment can be conducted prior to employment or during employment. It is an objective and concrete measure that helps to clarify the individual's actual abilities in relation to the task at hand.

Save time with our mobile team

Save time with our mobile team

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