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DNA Nutrition Test

DNA Nutrition Test

Feel good from the inside out with DNA-based nutrition.

What is a nutrigenomic test (NGx) and why do it?

Your genes play a role in your sensitivity to certain foods, as well as your predisposition to certain diseases or weight gain.

The nutrigenomic test identifies interactions between your genes and nutrients. As a result, you'll know which foods are most beneficial to your health, and which should be avoided or consumed only in moderation.

Based on your test results, you can obtain a tailored nutritional plan to improve your daily life and long term health.

Nutrients included in the test

Bone Health
Bone Health
Vitamin D
Metabolic Health
Metabolic Health
Vitamin C, Folate, Glycemic Load
Cardiovascular Health
Cardiovascular Health
Omega-3, Sodium, Caffeine
Intolerances and Immunity
Intolerances and Immunity
Celiac Disease, Lactose
Weight Management
Weight Management
Saturated Fat

The benefits of Biron's Nutrition DNA test

Daily requirements for 10 nutritional elements tested 


Identification of risk factors in relation to nutritional elements


Free consultation with a registered dietician


Results within 10 working days


A simple saliva sample is all it takes


The nutrition test has made their everyday lives a lot tastier

I was shocked to learn how much caffeine could affect my health. Now, I manage my daily intake.
Jessica, 35Sensitive to caffeine
I’m a vegetarian…controlling my weight has always been challenging and often frustrating. My Nutrition Profile has helped me focus on the foods that will make a difference for me
Christina, 48Sensitive to saturated fats and foods with a high glycemic load
I'm very active during summer so I make sure that I get enough sodium, but when I’m less active I know exactly how much I should limit myself to. My dietician really gave me a clear plan!
Jennifer, 31Sensitive to sodium
I'm really concerned about my cardiovascular health, and I know where to put my energies now. I feel much more confident.
Nathalie, 47Needs more omega-3s and doesn't metabolize simvastatin

What’s included in the DNA Nutrition test?

Explore a sample of the report you will obtain with the Nutrition profile.

A full report, over 20 pages long, with detailed recommendations, tailored to your DNA test results.

Personalised consultation with one of our specialists included with every test purchase
Benefit from a consultation with our registered dietician who will help you understand the results of your genetic test and implement an action plan tailored to your unique needs.

How much does the DNA Nutrition test cost?

Pharmacogenomic and nutrition tests

$535 - Single pharmacogenomic test (Mental Health OR Pain Management) AND Nutrition

Nutrition and Complete pharmacogenomic tests

$599 - All profiles combined: Mental Health (Psychiatry and ADHD), Pain Management, and Nutrition

How does the nutrigenomic test work?

Step 2

Sumbit your saliva sample

Follow the instructions provided in the kit and mail your sample using the pre-paid return envelope.
Saliva sample for Nutrition DNA test by Biron
Step 3

Get your report and a free consultation

Your results will be available within 10 working days upon reception of your sample. Book a meeting with one of our nutritionist to interpret your results.
Get your Biron DNA Nutrition test report

At Biron, safeguarding your privacy is our core commitment.

Ensuring the security and confidentiality of your information is a top priority for us. Your genetic data is encrypted on multiple levels and stored on Canadian servers that meet or exceed the most stringent security standards. No information is ever disclosed to third parties without your consent.

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Frequently Asked Questions on DNA Nutrition Tests

Is a prescription from my doctor required to take this test?

Can I combine the Nutrition test with other DNA tests?

Is it covered by insurance?

Does the Nutrition Profile test for food allergies or intolerances?

Can I add a nutrient to the Nutrition Profile if it is not currently on the list?

Should I stop taking my supplements or medications if I do the Nutrition Profile?

Avoid the lengthy process of trial and error. Order your test today.

Avoid the lengthy process of trial and error. Order your test today.

Are you unsure whether a nutrigenomics test can help you?
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