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ASPECT (routine urine test)

The way urine looks is described as clear, slightly cloudy or cloudy. Clear urine is normal. In most cases, slightly cloudy or very cloudy urine indicates the presence of crystals that formed in the urine after it was collected. This crystal formation is accentuated by cooling of the specimen and is generally of no clinical significance. Cloudy urine can also be caused by the presence of white blood cells, indicating significant infection (bacterial or fungal), the passage of large quantities of protein in certain types of kidney disease (nephrotic syndrome), or simply contamination of the specimen at the time of collection (ointment, talcum powder, etc.). In all of these situations, it is the other urine test data that is useful (proteins, nitrites, microscopic analysis).

Term of the Week

Breast cancer

Breast cancer: This is a malignant tumour made up of many cancerous cells. It should be noted that breast cancer is not the most common cause of breast pain, as patients of this disease are often asymptomatic.