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Pain Management PGx Test

Pain Management PGx Test

It is time to finally get effective pain relief and get back to living your life.

What is the PGx Pain Management Test?

The effect of medication is unique to each individual, which is why pharmacogenomics analyzes specific portions of DNA associated with certain drug classes.

The analysis identifies how each person is likely to respond to medication.

The PGx Pain Management test helps you discover how your DNA influences whether a drug may cause side effects, be ineffective or provide symptomatic relief [1,2].

With your test results, your doctor is able to find the medication and dosage best suited to your needs.

The benefits of Biron's PGx Mental Health test

40+ pain management drugs covered
40+ pain management drugs covered
Dosage recommendations
Dosage recommendations
A simple saliva sample is all it takes
A simple saliva sample is all it takes
Results in 10 working days
Results in 10 working days

List of medications covered by the Pain Management PGx test

The comprehensive list of medications covered in Biron’s PGx test reports is available here.

Talk to your doctor about the test

Want to talk to your doctor about pharmacogenomic testing?
Download the documentation to start the conversation.

Complete PGx Pain Management test report

The report covers 40+ medications relevant to pain management. It contains important information that your doctor can use when deciding on the best treatment for you. Our experts are available to help you and your doctor interpret the results.

How does the PGx Pain Management test work?

Step 2

Collect your saliva sample

Follow the instructions provided in the kit and mail your sample using the pre-paid return envelope.
Saliva sample for Pain Management PGx test by Biron
Step 3

Get your report and a free consultation

Your results will be available within 10 working days upon reception of your sample. Book a meeting with one of our specialists to interpret your results.
Get your PGx Pain Management test report by Biron

How are test results used by healthcare professionals?

Your healthcare professional will carefully review your medication history, current medications, diagnosis, and any other relevant medical information to determine the most suitable treatment for you.

Your genetic information is a valuable complement to other medical data. Genetics alone cannot predict your response to medication with absolute certainty. In some cases, the best option for you may be a drug with a cautionary statement in your report.

Genetic tests offered by Biron

Single pharmacogenomic test

$349 - Pain Management profile only OR Mental Health (Psychiatry and ADHD) profile only

Complete pharmacogenomic test

$499 - Mental Health (Psychiatry and ADHD) profile AND Pain Management profile combined

Pharmacogenomic and nutrition tests

Starting at $535 - Single pharmacogenomic test (Mental Health OR Pain Management) AND Nutrition
icon-heart-strawberry-test-pharmacogenomics and nutrition

At Biron, safeguarding your privacy is our core commitment.

Ensuring the security and confidentiality of your information is a top priority for us. Your genetic data is encrypted on multiple levels and stored on Canadian servers that meet or exceed the most stringent security standards. No information is ever disclosed to third parties without your consent.

Frequently asked questions about genetic testing, pharmacogenomics, and nutrition

Can I do the test without a prescription?

My doctor doesn't know about the test, but I'd like to have it done.

Can I combine this genetic test with others?

Is DNA testing covered by insurance plans?

Do I have to stop taking my medication to do the test?

Avoid the lengthy process of trial and error. Order your test today.

Avoid the lengthy process of trial and error. Order your test today.

Are you unsure whether a pain management pharmacogenomic test can help you?
Talk to our scientist on the phone at no charge.

  1. Smith et al. CYP2D6-guided opioid therapy improves pain control in CYP2D6 intermediate and poor metabolizers: a pragmatic clinical trial. Genet Med
  2. Swen et al. A 12-gene pharmacogenetic panel to prevent adverse drug reactions: an open-label, multicentre, controlled, cluster-randomised crossover implementation study (2023) Lancet website has moved to since Biron Genetics (formerly BiogeniQ) is part of the Biron Health Group family. Find out more about our genetic tests in our new dedicated section. Happy browsing!