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Insomnia (acute or chronic)

Insomnia is characterized by difficulty falling asleep and staying asleep.

There are three distinct types of insomnia: initial insomnia when we have difficulty falling asleep at night, middle insomnia when we have prolonged wakefulness at night, and terminal insomnia when it occurs at the end of the night.

It may be caused by poor sleep hygiene habits. The more you can focus on good sleep habits, the better chance you have of avoiding insomnia. It may also be caused by psychological factors (anxiety, depression) or physical factors (pain).

Term of the Week

Hot zone

A hot zone is a section of a facility (sometimes an entire facility or even a city district) where there is a high risk of contamination by patients with an infectious disease. All individuals entering a hot zone must respect appropriate protective measures. By analogy, “cold zone” and “warm zone” are used to refer to areas where there is no infected individual or only individuals suspected of having an infection.