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Restful nights. Productive days.

Snoring, drowsiness, memory problems: sleep can affect our health in many ways. Rest assured, our sleep care specialists are dedicated to helping you lead a healthy lifestyle so that you and yours can enjoy a good night’s sleep.

Individualized follow-up.

We track each patient—in person, over the phone, or online—using some of the most innovative tools in the industry. And we get results: 98.5% of our patients are satisfied with our service and 95% continue their therapy after three months.

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Causes of Sleep Apnea

Treatments for Sleep Apnea

The Sleep Support and Treatment Program

Our team of specialists in sleep dedicated to your health

Dr Pierre Mayer

Respirologist - Vice President, Medical Director - Sleep Care

François Claveau

Director of operations, Customer Experience – Sleep Care

Sophie Poulin, inh.

Assistant Director of Operations, Sleep Care

98.5 % client satisfaction rate! Here are a few of their testimonials:

Annie is a joy! It was a pleasure talking with her! She answered all my questions. Thank you, Biron!
Sleep - February 14 2018
Magalie is exceptional in every way, both with her explanations and her understanding of my needs. Since I’m new to sleep apnea, she proved to be a valuable guide. A first-class professional!
Sleep - March 19 2018
Véronique is very professional and listens. We appreciate her service.
Sleep - January 11 2018
Karine is an excellent respiratory therapist. She has exceptional soft skills, is very empathetic and really takes the time to serve her clients. I didn’t feel rushed, which I greatly appreciated.
Sleep - June 30 2017
Érick was very patient with me; I never felt rushed to make a decision. His explanations were very reassuring, as well. Thank you!
Sleep - October 27 2017
Jennifer, the respiratory therapist, did her job in an exemplary manner. She’s an asset to Biron.
Sleep - May 3 2017

Let's get started!

Are you having trouble with your sleep? Do you feel your body and mind are not getting the rest they need? Let Biron's experts guide you in your search for answers.

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