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Myth to Fact — 3 minutes

A lab test result that’s outside the reference values automatically means that I’m sick

It's a myth!

It is true that a lab test result must be compared to so-called “reference values,” which are determined by testing a large number of healthy subjects and analyzing the results obtained. For statistical purposes, we take 95% of these results (discarding 2.5% of the extreme values on each end), which end up as our reference values. Therefore, a certain percentage (5%) of “normal” results is left out.

Following this logic, it is therefore quite possible for a test result to be outside predetermined reference values but that you are not sick, especially if your result is slightly outside the reference values.

It should also be noted that a lab result is only one of the tools used by a doctor to evaluate your condition: an overall assessment is completed using your personal and family medical history as well as a complete physical examination.

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