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Lipid profiles

Lipid profiles and diabetes screening no longer require fasting!

Has your doctor prescribed a blood test to measure lipids (cholesterol) or screen for diabetes (glucose)?

You can now take these tests at Biron without fasting.

Effectiveness of non-fasting tests

To determine a person’s cholesterol level, the Canadian Cardiovascular Society (CCS) has been recommending since 2016 that lipids be measured without fasting. The CCS recognizes that the apolipoprotein B (apo B) test, which does not require any fasting, is equal or superior to traditional methods of measuring blood lipids.1 This test is now included in all of our lipid measurements (LDL and HDL).

As for glycemia, the glycated hemoglobin test, also known as HbA1c, measures the average blood sugar level over a period of three months. This non-fasting test is approved for the diagnosis and monitoring of type 2 diabetes. However, your doctor may also prescribe a fasting blood glucose test if you have diabetes.

Manage your time better … without the hunger pangs!

In addition to their proven effectiveness, non-fasting blood tests can be fitted into your schedule much more easily. Samples can be taken at any time of the day, for example,

  • immediately after your doctor’s appointment;
  • in the morning;
  • during your lunch break;
  • after work.

The choice is yours! As a bonus, you no longer have to go through the discomforts often associated with fasting.

Improved cardiovascular disease assessment

The apo B test differs from traditional methods of measuring blood lipids. Because it is more accurate, it provides a better assessment of risk in certain patients and improves the diagnosis of lipid disorders.