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Awards — 2 min

Biron wins gold medal at Business Transfer Awards

30th, 2018
Communications team

We are very pleased that our company has been recognized once again for its succession and growth strategy, this time by receiving the gold medal at the Business Transfer Awards in the “Family Transfer” category. We would like to congratulate the two other medalists, Infrastructel and Moderco. Thank you to PwC and its partners, who have been hosting this prestigious contest for the past twelve years. Finally, we are extremely proud to be your health care partner. On behalf of the entire Biron team, we wish to thank you, our valued clients.

For 65 years, we have been actively contributing to Quebec’s reputation, growth and success with our medical laboratory, sleep care, medical imaging and, more recently, genetic services. The strategic and long-term vision that Geneviève Biron has brought to the company since her appointment as CEO in 2014 enabled us to distinguish ourselves this year.

Thank you for allowing us to continue doing what we do best.

For more details and a complete list of the winners of this 2018 edition of the Business Transfer Awards, click here.

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