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Your Questions — 13 minutes

How does an at-home blood test work?

When you book an appointment with a member of our mobile blood sampling team, you can forget about having to travel and waste time! Taking only about 15 minutes, a blood test at home or at work is a convenient and safe service provided by qualified healthcare professionals.

The procedure is simple. Our staff will arrive at your home or office at the appointed time and with all the equipment required to collect the sample. The visit usually lasts less than 15 minutes, but our staff will take as much time as needed, to make sure you are comfortable and answer any questions you may have.

Here are some details about the procedure to help you prepare.

Before the appointment

  • When you book your appointment, please provide any important details needed to access your home or office, such as where to park or the front door code.
  • If you have any concerns or special requests, please let us know. We will notify our staff, who can answer all your questions and put your mind at ease.
  • Most tests require no specific preparation before the sample is collected (e.g. fasting). If certain preparations are needed, please follow the instructions that we will send you after booking the appointment.
  • We also recommend you follow some advice that will make it easier to draw the blood sample, such as drinking enough water, eating a meal well balanced between protein and carbohydrates, and keeping warm the site where the sample will be taken, so that cold air does not constrict the veins.

At the time of the appointment

  • Make sure to have on hand your original prescription, a piece of I.D. and your payment. You can pay by cash, cheque, debit or credit card.
  • Choose a quiet, tidy location, such as the living room, kitchen, office or conference room. Our staff will clean the area where the sample is taken.
  • If you are prone to fainting easily, choose a place where you can lie down.
  • No equipment or accessories are required. Our staff will bring everything they need (needles, tubes, heating pad, etc.).
  • Schedule a time slot of about 15 minutes. The time it takes to collect the sample may vary depending on your prescription and concerns.

After the appointment

  • Pay the fee for the test directly to our staff.
  • Our staff will transport your clearly identified sample to the laboratory where it will be analyzed.
  • There are usually no side effects from having blood taken. Some swelling or bruising may occur at the puncture site, but this will disappear within a few days.
  • Results for most tests are available within 24 to 48 hours after the sample is collected. In most cases, they are sent to you and your doctor at the same time.
  • To view your results online and learn about your history, so that you can take control of your health, ask for access to the MyBiron platform at the time of your appointment. You can also register online.

For professional support, we’re here.

We offer sampling services that will help you receive a diagnosis.

Do you have a medical prescription for a blood test or another type of sampling? Book an appointment online or contact Biron Health Group customer service at 1 833 590-2712.