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Since gluten is bad for your health, gluten-free foods should be chosen at all costs!

It's a myth!

Although people suffering from celiac disease (or gluten-sensitive enteropathy) must indeed avoid gluten at all costs, the vast majority of people can consume it without adverse health effects!

Nevertheless, it should be noted that as our knowledge of this issue becomes more refined, we are noticing that a certain portion of the population that does not suffer from celiac disease could also react to gluten. However, this non-celiac sensitivity to gluten remains controversial and the cause of the symptoms could be something other than gluten. For example, fructans, carbohydrates also found in wheat products, may cause this sensitivity or at least contribute to its development.

Some companies in the food industry would like to make consumers believe that gluten is harmful to everyone and expend great marketing efforts to perpetuate this myth for their own interests. Do not fall into the trap of these companies that wish to sell their gluten-free products, but rather pay attention to your symptoms.

Celiac disease, a condition resulting from an inappropriate response by the immune system to the consumption of gluten, can be diagnosed using laboratory tests, in addition to other tests.

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