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COVID-19 tests for international travellers

Reduce the risk of facing restrictions and quarantine measures at your destination

It is your responsibility to understand the requirements of your country of destination as well as the airline you are traveling with, to set an appropriate date and time for your appointment and to request the document(s) certifying a negative result, if applicable.

Government authorities advise against non-essential travel outside of Canada. For more information visit the Travel and Tourism Canada website.

Documents certifying a negative result

Documents certifying a negative result

Attestation of Negative Test Result : Request it when you arrive at the point of service for your test. Book an appointment: Online or 1 -833 -590-2712

Medical certificate * : Obtain a medical certificate following a telemedicine appointment with a physician affiliated with Biron. To do so, contact Biron Corporate Health at 1 -833 -590-2716 or fill out a callback request.

*Charges may apply


When should I book my appointment?

As availability is limited, it is strongly recommended that you book your appointment as soon as possible.

You should also take into consideration the COVID-19 testing requirements of the country you are visiting. For example, some countries require a screening test result 72 hours prior to flight, others require it 48 hours prior to flight.

Finally, in addition to the requirements of the country you will be visiting, you must choose a time frame that takes into consideration that Biron generally issues COVID-19 screening test results by PCR within 48 business hours. Results of the serological test for COVID-19 are usually issued within 24 hours.

Can I make an appointment for my family?

It is not possible to make a group appointment online for a PCR or serological test, you need to call us. If you book an appointment online, you must repeat the process for each member of your family.

When and how will I receive my attestation of negative test result?

To obtain an attestation of negative test result, you must request it upon arrival at the point of service on the day of your appointment.

Your attestation of negative test result will be issued by email at the same time as your result. Biron will make every effort to issue results within 24 to 48 business hours.

What will happen to my flight if my test is positive?

For any questions regarding your flight, please refer to your airline.