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Myth to Fact — 6 minutes

After a complete analysis of my genetic code, I will never have to undergo any more genetic testing!

It's a myth!

In the world of genetics, whole genome sequencing is one of the most extraordinary advances of the last two decades. But research in this area is only in its infancy!

Sequencing DNA means determining the sequence of its parts, which contain the information needed by living beings to survive and reproduce. Determining this sequence helps identify and diagnose genetic diseases.

If we wanted to give a very rough illustration of the current sequencing method, we could compare our DNA to a six billion-piece long puzzle! And not only do some of these parts look very similar, but others are even identical, while occupying a unique and non-interchangeable place in the chain.

However, in the current state of research, in order to identify the puzzle pieces, the pieces to our genetic code, we have to break them into groups of 150 to 200 pieces and then try to reassembly them in the right order to analyze them, but without a complete image of the complete puzzle, like the ones we find on the top of the puzzle box in order to help us complete it.

So we still have a long way to go to achieve precise results. Other tests often need to be done to confirm whether a gene has actually mutated and to understand how it will affect the health of the carrier.

So it’s not true that we know everything about our genetic code after a single sequencing that claims to be complete...