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Real solutions for real life.

Biron is a critical partner of Contract Research Organizations (CROs) and hospital and university researchers. They know they can count on our customized diagnostic solutions and over 900 tests to promptly validate results and ensure research progresses.

Expertise supported by experience

Biron has made a vital contribution to over 500 studies with our medical analyses, medical imaging and sleep care. But it’s our team of specialists in biochemistry, hematology, microbiology, respirology and genetics that makes it all happen.

The network that works for you.

We meet your participants everywhere across the province, taking samples at home or at more than 100 locations. Yet we keep it simple for you with a single point of contact for all your operational needs.

  • Business      
  • Support to clinical research organizations

Biron Health Group is a diagnostic service provider for Contract Research Organizations (CRO) and clinical research groups.

We offer unique access to a wide range of customized services, all under one roof:

  • Central medical laboratory open 24/7
  • Medical imaging
  • Diagnosis of sleep disorders
  • Blood sample collection (at a point of service or in-home)
  • Logistical solutions (preparation and distribution of sampling kits, transportation and storage of specimens, data management)
  • Access to the expertise of our specialists in clinical biochemistry, hematology, microbiology, respirology, genetics, radiology and medical imaging.

Some achievements:

  • Lab testing and blood collection for patient outcome programs in oncology and RA
  • Canadian partner for the monitoring of the real-world efficacy of a commercialized drug

To date, Biron has participated in the development of more than 500 studies that support research and pharmaceutical organizations. Its services have covered medical analysis, medical imaging and sleep care.