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transversal cut of head and brain

Screening for Sleep Disorders

These 4 easy questions will help us determine if you may be suffering from a sleep disorder and if a medical consultation is recommended.

  • *If you already have a prescription for a diagnostic test, book your appointment online now, without filling out the questionnaire.
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Do you have experience any of these symptoms during the day?

Clarifications :

  • Sleepiness: falling asleep during the day; at work, driving, during a meeting, at the movies, reading, in a waiting room, etc.
  • Non-restorative sleep: getting up just as tired as when going to bed.
  • Libido disorders: erectile dysfunction, decreased sexual desire.

If none of the symptoms applies to your condition, go to the next question.

Even if you have the impression that you have slept all night, your sleep might not have been restorative.