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Preventive Health Check Up

Preventive Health Check Up

Discover our preventive health check-up

Our preventive health check-up tells you your health status within a few hours, and is all coordinated by a physician. It is based on the Guide des bonnes pratiques en prévention clinique, which applies the recommendations of the Institut national d’excellence en santé et en services sociaux (INESSS) as well as the Canadian Cardiovascular Society, Diabetes Canada, the Canadian Association of Gastroenterology and the Canadian Cancer Society. It assembles the clinical prevention measures recommended by Quebec’s national public health director. In addition, all its recommendations are summarized on the clinical prevention sheet published to doctors by the Collège des Médecins du Québec in 2018.

All managers and employees benefitting from Biron’s health checkup program are advised that the checkup does not replace a more targeted clinical strategy when signs or symptoms appear. It is recommended not to ignore them since they often reveal a health issue. In the event that an illness is discovered during a checkup, a rigorous treatment plan will be put in place to obtain a return to health as quickly as possible.

Our personalized health check-up protocols are based on strict medical requirements. More specifically :

  • they are established according to the guidelines of the Canadian Cardiovascular Society, Canadian Diabetes Association, Canadian Association of Gastroenterology and the Canadian Cancer Society
  • they take into account age and risk factors specific to each individual
  • they include coordination of care and required follow-ups depending on the medical emergency
  • they provide an attentive service delivery, where the physician takes the time to address all preventative components and patient concerns
  • they offer constant accompaniment

Current exam and tests protocols

The proposed health checkup is adapted by the doctor according to the individual’s age, family and medical history, concerns, signs and symptoms. It aims to support managers and employees in maintaining or changing their lifestyle habits. It targets specific objectives and equips patients with the tools to achieve and/or maintain their objectives. A health booklet with a personalized action plan is given to each participant.

The examination and testing protocols as well as the frequency of the health checkups will vary depending on the age and gender of the eligible manager or employee. For example, a healthy person under age 40 does not need an annual checkup. However, given the patient’s health, the doctor may deem it necessary to change the frequency and protocols of the exams and tests.

Our team supports the patient and provides the necessary follow-up. This includes the following:

  • Coordinating the patient’s care and required follow-up according to the medical emergency
  • Providing personalized service where the doctor takes the time to address the patient’s prevention and concerns
  • Providing constant support throughout the process

Medical concierge services

Benefit from a vast network of medical resources and access to care at all times:

  • Medical consultation (cold, flu, urinary tract infection, chest or upper respiratory infection, digestive disorders, pain, sports injuries or other injuries)
  • Prescription renewal
  • Quick access to quality care: diagnostic tests (blood tests, medical imaging or other), appointment with a specialist, etc.

One visit and that’s all there is to it:

  • Assessment by a doctor
  • Custom blood profile
  • Assessment by a nutritionist
  • Assessment of your physical condition
  • Personalized action plan

To learn more about Biron’s occupational health programs, call us at 1 833 590-2716.