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Philips Sleep Apnea Device Recall - Click for details
Options available to you

Options available to you

Philips device recall

Biron is there for you

As your partner in health, Biron recognizes that it is essential for many patients to continue their treatment without interruption, for the benefit of their health. Biron understands that each case is unique, and it is in this exceptional context that we are offering you a few solutions to offset the inconveniences of the Philips machine recall and allow you to continue your treatment. Before making a decision, you may choose to wait until the replacement or repair procedure for Philips machines is known. To assist you in your decision, we invite you to read the recommendations of the American Thoracic Society (ATS).

Machines acquired at Biron between March 14 and June 17, 2021

Since your Philips device was purchased at Biron between March 14 and June 17, 2021 inclusively, we will replace it with an equivalent device from another manufacturer, in accordance with our refund policy. A Biron respiratory therapist will contact you in the next few days to discuss your options. Please wait for our call.

Machines acquired at Biron before March 14, 2021

Biron Health Group is aware that some patients will want to replace their Philips device with another manufacturer's device rather than wait for Philips' replacement or repair procedure to be implemented. Although we do not know at this time how long it will take for this procedure to be implemented, Biron still aims to facilitate the continuation of your treatment by working to obtain replacement devices from its suppliers. However, please note that delays are to be expected given that some of the replacement devices are currently out of stock. This situation is beyond our control, but we are doing our best to support you in the circumstances.

Decision Support Tool

Decision Support Tool

The recommendations in this section of Biron’s website are issued by the Centre hospitalier universitaire de Montréal (CHUM). This is an excerpt from the information provided by the CHUM. You can view the original and complete version of these recommendations on the website of the CHUM (available in French only).