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Medical Imaging - Imagix - COVID-19

Mask is mandatory

All patients must wear a mask to receive their service. It can be a medical or handmade mask. A scarf or other item is tolerated. It is important that the mouth and nose be covered at all times during the appointment. This measure is based on public health recommendations and is for an indefinite period of time.

Service’s status

The following services will be back as soon as possible:

  • Some non-urgent services

If you have an upcoming appointment for one of these services, a customer service representative will contact you shortly.

COVID-19 designated centers

Public health officials are have identified clusters of medical clinics in order to create a network of service centres exclusively dedicated to treat patients who have, or are likely to have, the COVID-19 virus. We are proud to collaborate on this initiative by contributing our medical imaging clinic and our expertise to affected patients, all while ensuring the protection of our staff. We have structured the organization of the activities of these clinics so that, following the passage of a patient contaminated by COVID-19 or likely to be contaminated (hot patient), we benefit from all evening and night to proceed with the complete disinfection of these clinics to receive regular (cold) patients safely the following morning. Our protocol complies with public health requirements.

As a result of this special designation, we will only offer X-Rays and emergency ultrasounds to COVID-19 patients. All other patients are respectfully requested to visit another radiology clinic.

  • Imagix - Saint-Laurent

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