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Work attendance management

Sustainable Health

Our claims management, personalized employee and manager support, medical concierge and return-to-work services are available individually.

Our services include the following:

  • Physical and psychological coaching
  • Quality training for employees to improve their commitment and adherence to treatment
  • Support for the attending physician
  • Health care coordination
  • Access to quality care as soon as possible
  • Return-to-work assistance and planning with the various stakeholders involved
  • Employee support to facilitate the return to work
  • Close collaboration with the employer throughout the management process

Claims Management

  • Review and development of absence policies, procedures and tools
  • Assessment and management of cases from the beginning of the absence, and even before
  • Concrete action plan for a speedy recovery
  • Fast, quality intervention:
    • Contact with employee and employer within 24 hours
  • Intervention plan for employer and/or plan administrator
  • Proactive follow-up and report usually every two weeks or according to the intervention plan

Personalized support

  • Personalized support for disabled employees by health care professionals
  • Complete information about the disease, treatment plan and medication(s)
  • Pharmacogenetic testing available (e.g., depression, antipsychotic or ADHD profiling)
  • Identification of obstacles and orientation toward solutions
  • Monitoring of the disease’s evolution with the attending physician
  • Follow-up reports to the employer
  • Reduction in absence durations and disability costs
  • Prevention of long-term disabilities

Medical concierge services and referrals

  • Network of medical services available: optimized access to quality care (diagnostic testing, specialty consultations, etc.)

Return-to-work support

  • Preparation of return-to-work procedures and coordination with stakeholders
  • Employee and employer support before and during the return to work
  • Procedure compliance and adjustment proposals
  • Necessary follow-up for a safe, sustainable return to work

Achieve tangible results

  • Reduce the number of absences and their costs.
    • Take proactive measures from the start of an absence, which has a positive effect on occasional and repetitive absences.
  • Reduce the duration of absences.
  • Prevent and reduce long-term disability cases.
  • Achieve a sustainable and productive return to work.
  • Reduce labour replacement costs.
  • Increase employee satisfaction.

A performance-oriented team

Our team of experts provide:

  • A structured intervention (physical and psychological assessment)
  • Effective communication mechanisms
  • A diversity of expertise providing access to health professionals such as biochemists, general practitioners and specialists, nurses, respiratory therapists and kinesiologists.
  • Key contacts in the health care system

To learn more about Biron’s attendance management programs and their financial benefits, call us at 1 855 522-4766.