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Planning transportation

Getting from point A to point B

How to prepare my trips?

For all transportation

Are you planning to use your device on a plane, boat, train or bus? If so, you should check a few things before you leave.

  • At least two weeks in advance, ask the carrier whether you can use your device on board. Some companies may ask you for a medical certificate from your doctor, restrict the use of these devices or limit the types of devices they will accept. If you get authorization by email or postal mail, keep it with you during your trip.
  • Make sure you can plug in your device and check what type of outlet it is so that you have the proper adapter. Keep in mind, however, that power isn’t always reliable, so a spare battery will ensure that you can operate your device without interruption during your trip.
  • Avoid using the humidifier while you’re in motion. Turbulence, bumps or braking could cause water to spill out from the tank and damage the device.

Even if you don’t use your device during your trip, keep it with you to reduce the risk of damage during baggage handling.

By plane

  • Your CPAP machine is considered a medical device and can pass through security checkpoints. Bring your prescription or a letter from your doctor confirming that you need this medical treatment. Keep in mind that security X-ray scans will not damage your device.
  • Security agents may inspect your device or ask you to operate it. If necessary, show them the manufacturer’s travel compliance letter for your device.
  • Since your machine is a medical device, it can be added to the two carry-on bags allowed. To avoid any problems, notify the airline in advance that you’ll be travelling with a medical device.
  • If you have a battery, check with the airline to see how it can be carried on the plane.
  • If you’re using a wireless app with your device, turn on Airplane Mode.

By train

  • Check with the carrier whether there’s a suitable power source. Otherwise, plan on using a battery.

By boat

  • Most cruise ships have appropriate power sources. Check with your tour operator to find out what type of outlet is available.
  • If you’re travelling on board a yacht or sailboat, check whether the boat or marina has a suitable power source. A CPAP device can operate on a 12 V deep cycle battery or, if unavailable, a lithium battery. Make sure you have the necessary connectors and accessories.

By bus

  • Check whether the bus has an appropriate power source. If not, plan on using a battery.