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FAQ and troubleshooting - Accessory

Our troubleshooting section has been designed to make it as easy as possible for you to find the solution to your questions.

Why is there condensation in my mask and/or ventilation circuit?

Excess condensation can form in your mask or breathing circuit when the ambient temperature is low. To prevent condensation from forming, you can adjust the humidity settings knob to a lower value. You may also need to adjust the humidifier’s setting when going from one season to another. Using a breathing circuit cover can also help reduce the effects of condensation. Most CPAP devices now have heated hoses allowing you to adjust the temperature of your tubing and prevent condensation in the breathing circuit.

What is the tube holder for?

The tube holder supports the weight of the hose and positions it to ensure the mask does not move while you sleep.

Why should I use a tube holder?

If a CPAP device has been prescribed for you, using it daily will greatly contribute to improving your health and quality of life. However, many users encounter difficulties with their CPAP: red eyes, dry nose, strap marks on the face, or air leakage. Most of these problems can be related to the action of the hose that "pulls" on the mask and moves it. The tube holder resolves most of these problems by removing tension from the hose.

How often should I replace my mask and accessories?

Even with regular maintenance, the silicone and harness of your mask break down and lose their shape, which leads to a greater build-up of bacteria and the risk of air leaks. For reasons of hygiene, comfort and optimal treatment, manufacturers recommend renewing your mask and accessories once a year. Most insurance companies cover the cost of renewing accessories at this interval.