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Pregnancy Blood Work and Routine Tests

Have your pregnancy tests done at Biron

Did you just find out you are pregnant?

From the beginning of your pregnancy, your healthcare professional will guide you through a standard follow-up program. Certain routine tests will be recommended for you during each trimester, such as laboratory analyses.

At Biron, these pregnancy follow-up tests can be carried out at most of our sampling centres.

You will enjoy many advantages, including easy access to an appointment in under 48 hours, the proximity and comfort of our service centres, in addition to our state-of-the-art technologies and the accuracy and speed of your results.

To ensure your baby’s well-being throughout the pregnancy, we can assess a number of health problems, including:

Blood tests and urinalysis will help determine :
  • If you have anemia
  • If your blood sugar levels are normal
  • If you have any infections that can be transmitted to your baby (syphilis, HIV/AIDS, hepatitis B)
  • Your blood group
  • If you are immune to rubella
  • If your urine contains bacteria or protein

Depending on your health condition, additional tests may be recommended at some point during your pregnancy.

Vaginal swabs may also be recommended in order to test for STIs (e.g. chlamydia and gonorrhea) that can harm the baby’s health.

A non-invasive prenatal genomic test (NIPT), the most reliable method for screening for trisomies 13, 18 and 21, can also be performed on a blood sample.

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