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Virtual triage and medical intervention for injured workers

Virtual triage and medical intervention for injured workers

Virtual triage in the workplace followed by in-clinic care, a unique solution from Biron.

Ensure your employees who experience a work-related injury, physical ailment or illness have immediate access to health resources and receive timely reports and advice to help reduce the number of lost-time events

Complete support
  • Qualified nurse to assess severity of injury, discomfort or illness;
  • Clinic-based first aid to avoid unnecessary work stoppages;
  • Self-care recommendations, guided by the nurse and adapted to the worker's condition;
  • Remote or in-clinic medical consultation within 24 hours of the nurse's assessment;
  • Real-time translation services in 240 languages and dialects (including sign language) for employees who do not speak English or French;
  • Properly completed CNESST forms that allow for rapid assignment to modified work.

By using our services, you will succeed in keeping the intervention at the non-recordable level in nearly 40% of the cases of work accidents, thus avoiding costly losses of time.

When a work stoppage is necessary, since Biron's doctors encourage the administration of the right treatment as soon as they are taken into care, work accident files are consolidated up to two times faster than with the traditional route.

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Together, let's minimize your costs by optimizing the management of your post-accident interventions!

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