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Company and Partners

For Biron, it goes beyond providing medical services: we create partnerships with our clients.

Biron microscope

Your business partner

We form a partnership with our corporate clients. We work with more than 200 experienced medical experts to offer you a humane, personalized and flexible approach.

  • One-stop shop for all your services
  • Quick communication and feedback, directly with Biron
  • Service and process flexibility
  • Personalized support throughout the process
  • Expert support for our patients
  • Biron’s standards for quality of care

Occupational health and Wellness

  • Pre-placement medicals

  • Occupational Health and Wellness

  • Work attendance management

Earning the trust of our clients

More than 1300 local companies rely on Biron’s corporate services to optimize their performance and ensure the well-being of their employees.

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