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Machine — 6 minutes

AirSense 10 CPAP Machine

Product support


Main characteristics

  • AirSense 10 has a whole host of features to make you sleep more comfortably, including:
  • Automatic pressure adjustment, built-in wireless connectivity, sleep onset detection, respiratory support features, and quiet technology
  • Built-in heated humidifier and optional heated circuitry make this premium device ideal for peaceful nights.

How to adjust temperature and humidity

How to adjust the ramp

Cleaning and maintenance


Even with regular maintenance, it is recommended to renew certain equipment every year for reasons of hygiene and comfort. Visit our online store and take advantage of free shipping on purchases over $100.


Q: I notice that there is condensation or water in my tubing.

A: If possible, make sure the "Climate Ctrl" option is set to "Auto". If you are in "Manual" mode, condensation in the tubing indicates that the relative humidity is at 100%. Here are some ways to decrease the relative humidity:

  • Increase the temperature of the heated tubing
  • Decrease the humidity level of the humidifier
  • Increase the temperature of the room (e.g., increase heating or close the windows in winter)

Q: How do I know if my mask is properly adjusted?

A: In the "My Options" menu, select "Exec. Adjust mask". The device will push an airflow and measure the amount of leakage. If the face is green and smiling, the leakage is acceptable. You can also check the Sleep Report, which is displayed automatically when the device is turned off.

If the face is red, you need to check the fit of your mask or check for a leak somewhere else in the breathing circuit (humidifier chamber, tubing).

Q: I would like my device to start or stop automatically OR my device starts automatically but I prefer to start it manually.

A: Go to the "My Options" section and select SmartStart. If the option is enabled, the device will automatically start and shut down by detecting your breathing. If the option is disabled, you must press the START/STOP button on top of the device to start or stop the therapy.

If the option is Off, you must press the START/STOP button on the top of the unit to start or stop therapy.

You may not be breathing deeply enough to trigger automatic start or you may be using a mask that is not compatible with this feature.

Q: My machine is louder than usual.

A: Follow these steps:

  • Check the filter - a dirty or outdated filter affects the airflow through the unit and can cause increased motor noise. Remove/replace the filter and confirm the noise level.
  • Remove the humidifier chamber - check that it is in good condition, that the gasket is properly inserted, assembled correctly. Reinsert firmly into the flow generator (Note: the standard Humidair tank should be replaced annually).
  • Inspect the seal at the air outlet (where the water tank joins the flow generator) for damage.
  • Inspect the water pan seal at the air outlet for damage.
  • Inspect the air outlet of the unit (where the tubing connects) for damage.

Q: Abnormal noise that does not seem to come from the unit

A: Follow these steps:

  • Make sure your humidifier is properly inserted into your unit.
  • Make sure the tubing is properly inserted into the back of your unit.
  • Inspect the tubing for signs of breakage (small holes, cracks, etc.)
  • The device may also be making more noise due to a mask mounting problem. Make sure your mask is properly mounted. Refer to your mask section for specific assembly instructions for your model.

Q: I would like to check that my humidifier is working properly.

A: To confirm if the humidifier is working:

  • Turn on the Preheat feature in My Options.
  • If the hot plate starts to heat up 2-5 minutes after the warm-up is activated, the humidifier is working properly.
  • If the hot plate does not heat up after 2-5 min; possible problem with the unit (Note: in the Sleep Report section of your unit, a green smiley face next to Humidifier indicates that it is working fine. If you see a red face, contact us)

Q: My device shuts itself off during the night.

A: If SmartStart is on, turn it off to see if it solves the problem (even a brief high leakage can cause SmartStop to turn off therapy).

Check that the electrical connection is securely plugged into the back of the device and between the power supply and the wall socket. If the power connection is not securely plugged in, an error message may appear on the display and the unit may not function properly.

(Note: In this situation, the display may stay on for several minutes instead of turning off automatically when the unit is turned on).

Q: My unit won't start at all.

A: Plug the power cord into another outlet to make sure the problem is not caused by this one. Check the power supply to make sure the light is green when connected to the wall outlet. If the light is off or red, the power supply is defective. If the warranty period has expired, this part can be purchased from the online store.

Therapeutic adherence report

To fully understand how to read and interpret your therapeutic adherence report, consult our explanatory sheets which will guide you through the most important information.