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Return on investment analysis for pre-hiring medical exams

With many industries facing labour shortages, it is even more important not to let a good candidate slip through your fingers. The financial health of your business is closely linked to the health of your employees. Avoid costly hiring mistakes with sound management practices.

  • A candidate with functional limitations that are incompatible with a task’s requirements will suffer an injury one to five years after being hired.

  • About 4%-5% of candidates for a given position have functional limitations that restrict their ability to do the job safely.

  • The incidence of lumbar lesions among workers with physical abilities to perform the duties required in their work was 3%. However, among workers who did not demonstrate strength or physical ability to perform their work, there was a 33% incidence of lumbago.

ROI calculation for 100 pre-employment exams performed1

Data used for the calculation:

  • Number of unsuccessful candidates following a pre-hiring medical exam : 4 on 100

  • Average cost of a workplace injury : $32,987

  • Number of candidates : 100

  • Average cost of a pre-employment exam : $200

( 4 X $32,987 $ ) / ( 100 X $200 ) = $6.60

The average return on investment of a pre-employment medical program is $6.60 for every $1 invested

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