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Terms and Conditions

STI screening service without prescription at Biron Medical Laboratory Inc.

I consent to a nurse contacting me by teleconsultation or phone to complete my assessment and inform me of positive results.

I agree to visit Biron’s STI page before my appointment, in order to learn important information about the STIs I am being screened for, including window periods and the advantages and disadvantages of screening. I understand that I should share any questions I may have at my testing appointment.

I understand that the screening service without a prescription is intended for asymptomatic clients and I confirm that I have no symptoms of any STI (unusual vaginal discharge, discharge from the penis, lesion/rash on genitals, abdominal or pelvic pain, pain in the genitals, jaundice, unusual and debilitating fatigue, fever, urinary or menstrual problems, unusual joint pain, any other symptoms that seem unusual to you).

I agree to inform Biron if I develop any symptoms during the process.

If I remove from my order any tests that were recommended as a result of my assessment, I understand that my choice may mean that:

  • I may not be diagnosed with an STI that I carry.
  • I could transmit an STI to my partners.
  • Not being diagnosed with an STI could result in consequences for my health, such as (but not limited to): upper genital infection, infertility, pregnancy complications, cancer (cervical, vulvar, vaginal, anal or penile), chronic liver disease, birth defects in children.


I understand that the STI teleconsultation service is intended for clients without symptoms.

Our healthcare professionals are only authorized to provide consultations to people located in the province of Quebec. I confirm that I am currently located in Quebec.

I understand that the teleconsultation is not covered by the Régie de l'assurance maladie du Québec (RAMQ) and this service does not allow me to obtain a prescription for sampling or analysis done elsewhere than at a Biron service centre.

Delivery of results

Reportable diseases

Certain infections, including STIs, must by law be reported to public health authorities. In this case, they are called “reportable diseases.” Any medical laboratory that detects the presence of a reportable disease must declare it to public health authorities. As such, if the result of this screening is positive, certain information will be sent to public health authorities:

  • The name of the reportable disease
  • The name of the affected person, their sex, date of birth, address and postal code, telephone number and health insurance number
  • If applicable, the date of the samples taken for laboratory analysis and the results obtained

To learn more about reportable diseases, please click here.

HIV/AIDS infection

Any healthcare professional who diagnoses an infection by the human immunodeficiency virus or acquired immunodeficiency syndrome in a person who has received or donated blood, blood products, organs or tissue is legally required to report it to public health authorities. The information that will be reported to health authorities includes:

  • The month and year of the person’s birth
  • Their sex
  • Their place of residence and the first three characters of their postal code
  • Their ethnocultural origin, country of birth and, if applicable, date of arrival in Canada
  • Risk factors for contracting the virus
  • Previous test history, clinical status and other relevant laboratory data available at the time of diagnosis
  • The reason for testing
  • In the case of a woman, whether she is pregnant

In the event of a positive result, I understand and agree that the medical team at Biron will provide a follow-up with me (at no additional cost) by teleconsultation.