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Our pediatrics services

An approach adapted to our youngest patients

The health of children is undoubtedly a concern that is close to our hearts. At Biron, young clients are just as important as older ones, which is why we have adapted our services to their reality to make their visit and experience more pleasant at our service centres.

When it comes time to have a blood test or be vaccinated, it is normal for you and your child to be nervous. Therefore, when you arrive, we make sure that you are welcomed and served by employees who take your fears and concerns into account.

What’s more, at Biron, we believe that an approach suited to young clients and attention paid to the little things can make all the difference.

  • Our qualified professionals receive additional training to provide a service adapted to the realities of pediatric clients.
  • We provide fast service, but take the time necessary to reassure your children with gentleness and understanding.
  • We give your children a “certificate of bravery” bearing their name as well as a small surprise to reward their courage during the procedure.
  • If fasting was required, we give your children a snack and beverage to enjoy on the way back home or to school (in the absence of food allergies only).

Our tailored pediatric services provide the same quality of care for which Biron is known and are available by appointment and with no waiting, which helps reduce your children’s anxiety before their procedure.