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Genetics made simple

One saliva sample is all you need. It gives your doctor a quick, comprehensive report to make better-informed decisions about your health and to follow-up based on your individual profile.

What is pharmacogenetics?

Pharmacogenetic testing uses your DNA to identify the medications that are likely to be ineffective or to cause unwanted side effects.

Pharmacogenetic testing is a decision support tool that can provide your doctor with relevant information to better choose your drug treatment. From just one saliva sample containing your DNA, your doctor can avoid treatments that will likely be ineffective or cause you unwanted side effects. You and your doctor can then make more informed decisions and choose a treatment that is better suited to your profile.

How to obtain a pharmacogenetics test?

Collecting a saliva sample

All we need at BiogeniQ is a small sample of your saliva to determine your genetic profile. The sampling does not require any specific preparation, other than avoiding eating or drinking 30 minutes before the procedure.


Your test results will be available within 2 weeks once the sample is received at our laboratory. You will receive your personnalized profile and, with your consent, the results will also be sent directly to your healthcare professionnals of your choice.

Pharmacogenetics tests are not covered by the RAMQ. However, a prescription makes our tests tax exempt, and certain insurance providers may require a prescription to make the tests eligible for reimbursement. Please make sure that the prescription you ask for from your doctor specifies one of our tests, and not a specific medication or a validation of your diagnosis. For example, we must find the keywords: ”Pharma ADHD Profile Test ”, ”Pharmacogenetic ADHD Test ”, ”Genetic Analysis BiogeniQ Depression Pharma Profile”.

Multiples tests for differents diseases and disorders

Demystify the field of genetics and learn how developments in this new discipline can help you and your family.

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