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FAQ — 13 minutes

Frequently Asked Questions - MyBiron

What is MyBiron?

MyBiron is an online platform that offers you access to Biron's digital services.

What services does MyBiron offer?

MyBiron provides access to all of Biron's digital services from a single user account and password. MyBiron was designed to meet the highest security standards for your personal information.

Is registration on MyBiron required in order to receive services from Biron?

No, MyBiron allows you to access test results, but you can receive services from Biron without registering on MyBiron.

Can I access MyBiron on my cellphone or tablet?

Yes, MyBiron is available on all types of screen (computer, cellphone and tablet).

Computers Cellphones Tablets
PC windows 8 iPhone 7+ / 8 / X iPad mini 2
PC windows 10 Samsung Galaxy S6 / S7 / S8+ iPad air 2
Mac OSX10 Google Pixel
HTC Nexus 9

Here are the fully supported browsers:

Computers Cellphones Tablets
Windows 10 – Edge, Firefox, Chrome Android 6-7 – Chrome iPad iOS10 – Safari >=10.x
MacOS – Safari >=10.x, Firefox, Chrome iPhone/iPod iOS10 >=10.x
Linux - Firefox, Chrome

Here are the partially supported browsers:

Computers Cellphones Tablets
Windows 8.1/10 – IE iPhone/iPod iOS10 9.x iPad iOS10 – Safari 9.x

Will my results still be sent to my doctor?

Yes, your results will be sent to your doctor, as we currently do.

Will you continue to send my results to me even if I have a MyBiron account?

Yes, your results will be deposited in MyBiron as we receive them. We will send you an email to inform you that the results are available on the portal.

Can I access my previous results?

Yes, all your previous laboratory AND/OR sleep results that are digitized will be available on MyBiron.

Will my results still be available in the Quebec Health Record (QHR)?

Yes, your results will always be deposited in the QHR.

Can I continue to receive my results by email if I do not wish to register on MyBiron?

We strongly recommend using this new MyBiron platform as it is the most secure and confidential way to receive your results. If you do not wish to register on MyBiron, we can send you your report by postal mail.

How do I register if I do not have an email address?

You need to have a (unique) email address to register on MyBiron. If you do not have an email address, you can receive your results by postal mail.

Can I get my results by phone?

Only the following test results can be disclosed to you by phone: PT INR, blood group, pregnancy test, Monotest, streptococcus detection, urine culture and throat culture. However, we can send you your test results by secure email, regular mail or via MyBiron. Ask for it when you are making an appointment.

Why does my child receive results by email?

We allow children under 14 to receive results by email, since they do not have their own email address. In addition, since the parent's address is used for their MyBiron account and the use of an email address is unique, the address cannot be used for any other account.

Why can't I access my child's results?

A minor 14 years of age or older may consent alone to health care required by their medical condition.

Why do I need to visit a Biron service centre when I can do everything over the phone with my bank?

Unfortunately, as the answers to questions previously asked were not valid, we ask that you come in person to a service centre, in order to verify your identity and thereby ensure maximum security for your information.

Does MyBiron allow me to view the history of my laboratory test results?


Does MyBiron allow me to view the history of my sleep diagnostic results?


Does MyBiron allow me to view the history of my imaging test results?


Does MyBiron allow me to view the history of my test results in Genetics?


How do I register on MyBiron?

You register using two codes generated for you. At your service centre appointment, our staff will generate an activation code that will be sent to your email address. They will also ask you how you would like to receive the second code, called the validation code (by text or phone call). Once the code is generated, you will have 15 days to create your account. All you have to do is follow the steps described. Registration takes only a few minutes.

Can I create a MyBiron account for my child or spouse using the same email address?

Creating a MyBiron account requires a unique email address: one MyBiron account = one email address. Your MyBiron account contains confidential information and is matched to your unique patient number in our records. As a result, it is not possible for two users to have the same email address for their MyBiron account.

We have only one email address for the family. How do we create an account for each member?

Since each member of the family must have a different email address to create a MyBiron account, you will need to create a new email address.

Can my spouse (or another person) visit a service centre to obtain the activation code?

To ensure confidentiality and for identification purposes, only the patient himself or herself can obtain a code at the service centre.

Can I use my activation code to create my account as well as the account of my spouse or child?

No, the activation code is for one-time use only. Since it is associated with your file, you will not be able to use it to create an account other than your own. In addition, children under the age of 14 do not have access to MyBiron.

Do I have to register right away when I get home?

The code we are giving you today is valid for only 15 jours.

Is the activation code always sent by email?

Yes, the activation code is always sent by email.

Is my password the activation code I received by email?

No. You must first enter your email address and a password of your choice to create your MyBiron account. Once your account has been created and you have signed in, you will be prompted to enter the activation code you received by email.

Why have I not received my validation code?

Check your junk email folder. If you still haven't received anything, please contact our Customer Service 1 800 463-7674 .

How do I complete my registration if I have passed the 15-days deadline?

You must contact our Customer Service 1 800 463-7674 . We will ask you a few security questions before generating a new code for you.

How do I log in if I have forgotten the email address I used to log in to MyBiron?

You can call the Customer Service 1 800 463-7674 , where they will ask you a few questions, or you can visit a Biron service centre.

How do I change my email address, cell phone number, password or secret questions?

You must sign in to your MyBiron account, and in your profile you can make changes. A message will appear stating that the change was done successfully.

How do I reset my password?

When you log into your MyBiron account, you can click "Forgot password?" to reset your password.

How do I unlock an account that has been locked after several login attempts?

Your account will be locked for the next five minutes, and then you can try again.

When I am on the MyBiron home page, I see two tiles: one for AMI and one for Results. When I click AMI/Reports, an error message tells me I don't have access. Why?

You must be a client of Biron Medical Laboratory to have access to the Results portal, and you must be a client of Biron Sleep Care to have access to the AMI portal.

How do I access the test reference values within the Results portal?

In the "Tiles" display mode, you must click to select the test, and then a new window will appear. This window contains a description of the test, along with a graph showing your current result and your history. The reference values are the horizontal green lines in the graph. In the "List" display mode, the reference values are shown in the last column on the right.