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FAQ — 10 minutes

Frequently Asked Questions - MyBiron

What is MyBiron?

What services does MyBiron offer?

Is registration on MyBiron required in order to receive services from Biron?

Can I access MyBiron on my cellphone or tablet?

Will my results still be sent to my doctor?

Will you continue to send my results to me even if I have a MyBiron account?

Can I access my previous results?

Will my results still be available in the Quebec Health Record (QHR)?

Can I continue to receive my results by email if I do not wish to register on MyBiron?

How do I register if I do not have an email address?

Can I get my results by phone?

Why does my child receive results by email?

Why can't I access my child's results?

Why do I need to visit a Biron service centre when I can do everything over the phone with my bank?

Does MyBiron allow me to view the history of my laboratory test results?

Does MyBiron allow me to view the history of my sleep diagnostic results?

Does MyBiron allow me to view the history of my imaging test results?

Does MyBiron allow me to view the history of my test results in Genetics?

How do I register on MyBiron?

Can I create a MyBiron account for my child or spouse using the same email address?

We have only one email address for the family. How do we create an account for each member?

Can my spouse (or another person) visit a service centre to obtain the activation code?

Can I use my activation code to create my account as well as the account of my spouse or child?

Do I have to register right away when I get home?

Is the activation code always sent by email?

Is my password the activation code I received by email?

Why have I not received my validation code?

How do I complete my registration if I have passed the 15-days deadline?

How do I log in if I have forgotten the email address I used to log in to MyBiron?

How do I change my email address, cell phone number, password or secret questions?

How do I reset my password?

How do I unlock an account that has been locked after several login attempts?

When I am on the MyBiron home page, I see two tiles: one for AMI and one for Results. When I click AMI/Reports, an error message tells me I don't have access. Why?

How do I access the test reference values within the Results portal?