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Community Engagement

Community Involvement at Biron

Biron Health Group’s community involvement program favours promising projects and initiatives that contribute to improving the quality of life in the community while supporting its mission and business objectives.

Learn more about our approach and find out whether your project fits our corporate mission.

It should be noted that this plan excludes the company’s sales and marketing initiatives.

Donation and sponsorship criteria

The allocation of donations and sponsorships by Biron must meet at least one of the following objectives:

  • Be a structuring project or initiative that aims at or contributes significantly to improving the quality of life in the community.
  • Enable Biron to assert its leadership in the health sector.
  • Enable Biron to enhance its brand awareness.
  • Enable Biron to promote its corporate values.

In its review, Biron will favour organizations and projects located in the communities where its head office or one of its service centres is located.

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Donation requests

Biron focuses its involvement within the sectors of health, economic development and culture.

For a donation request to be considered by Biron, it must meet certain essential criteria:

  • The request must come from a non-profit organization recognized as a registered charity by the Canada Revenue Agency. In addition, Biron’s donation must be used to create a promising project that helps improve the quality of life in the community.
  • The donation must not be used to make up a deficit or benefit an individual.
  • In addition to being associated with the sectors favoured by Biron, the request must be supported by a complete file that demonstrates how the project or organization contributes to improving the quality of life in the community. Biron provides organizations with an online form to assist them with this task.

Any request that does not meet these criteria will automatically be refused.

Preserving health in our society (health care industry)

Since Biron’s business is all about health, it is only natural that this would be at the heart of its priorities and concerns. Biron is actively committed to strengthening the quality and accessibility of health services to improve the well-being of Quebec society. Biron wants to promote the adoption of healthy lifestyle habits that will help keep the population in good health. Finally, Biron believes that to be a healthy society, we need to encourage innovation and leaders of tomorrow.

Biron supports the health care industry in the following ways:

  1. By making donations to hospital foundations during fundraising campaigns
    1. Hospital foundations with recognized university status that are part of a university medical centre are eligible for corporate financial support.
    2. Other hospital foundations are eligible for regional and/or local support.
  2. Through donations to health care industry research
    1. Biron favours specific sub-sectors in line with its operations:
      1. Pulmonary health (asthma, sleep apnea, lung cancer, COPD, emphysema, smoking cessation)
      2. Diabetes
      3. Cardiovascular illnesses
      4. Breast cancer
      5. Children’s health
  3. Through investments to support innovation projects, including university study programs and research chairs. Biron favours innovative, development-oriented projects in the following health sub-sectors:
    1. Biochemistry
    2. Cancer research
    3. Research on childhood diseases
    4. Research on artificial intelligence
    5. Research on genomics and personalized medicine
    6. Bachelor of nursing programs
  4. By funding recognized projects that promote health and healthy lifestyles

Developing the Quebec of tomorrow (economic development)

A family business founded in Quebec more than 65 years ago, Biron is committed to actively contributing to Quebec’s development, an aspect that necessarily relies on the province’s economic growth.

More specifically, Biron supports economic development in the following ways:

  1. Through investments in entrepreneurial research and development
  2. By funding recognized projects and organizations whose mission is to educate, mentor and support local entrepreneurs in order to encourage the sharing and transfer of knowledge
  3. By funding recognized projects and organizations whose mission is to fight poverty and encourage young people to stay in school

Contributing to cultural fulfillment (cultural sector)

Biron believes that culture is a collective asset that contributes to the overall fulfillment of Quebec society, for both children and adults. The company is proud to support creators and artists of all ages. Biron contributes to cultural endeavours as follows:

  1. Through donations to organizations involved in the arts
  2. Through donations to organizations that use culture as a means of fulfillment and education for underprivileged youth
  3. Through donations to organizations that use culture as a means of fulfillment and therapy for people with mental illness


Biron does not contribute to the following causes, projects or organizations:

  • Multiple contributions to the same organization in the same fiscal year (July 1 to June 30)
  • A regional campaign of an organization whose provincial campaign we are already supporting
  • Social clubs
  • Requests to support an individual or family
  • Sporting or social events organized for the entertainment of employees, a family member or partners (e.g., golf tournament, casino night, etc.)
  • Health care costs
  • Religious groups
  • Canvassing and advocacy groups
  • Non-registered organizations under federal law
  • Political parties, political organizations or interest groups advocating a political ideology
  • School projects for an employee’s child (e.g., selling chocolate for a trip, funding for summer camp, student exchange, graduation ball, etc.)
  • Projects for cooperative missions abroad or any other project taking place outside Canada

*It should be noted that this plan excludes the company’s sales and marketing initiatives.

Networking and sales activities

All sponsorship requests for business purposes must be excluded from Biron’s community involvement program.
Applications for networking or sales activities should be categorized as such. For example, a golf tournament raising funds for a foundation or cause is categorized as a networking activity. Networking and sales activities must be allocated to the discretionary budget of the team requesting them.

Other types of contributions


Afin de vous guider dans votre demande, le comité de gouvernance des dons et commandites a établi un barème basé sur la zone géographique que dessert votre organisme.

Demandes admissibles:

• Municipale et régionale : 500$ à 2 000$

• Provinciale : 2 000$ à 5 000$

• Nationale et internationale : 5 000$ à 7 000$

Activités de réseautage et représentation commerciale

Toutes demandes de commandites à des fins commerciales seront exclues du programme d’engagement communautaire de Biron. Les demandes pour des activités de réseautage ou de représentation doivent être considérées comme des activités à des fins de représentations commerciales et de réseautage.

À titre d’exemple, une demande d’item d’encan, un tournoi de golf amassant des fonds pour une fondation ou une cause est catégorisé comme une activité de réseautage.

Les activités de réseautage et de représentation seront acheminées à l’équipe concernée.

Donations of equipment

In addition to financial contributions, Biron can donate equipment. As in the case of financial contributions, only organizations working in preferred sectors are eligible for such donations.

Review process

Due to the high volume of funding requests it receives, Biron will only consider requests that have been duly completed and meet its selection criteria. In addition, Biron focuses its involvement in the health and cultural sectors as well as in projects and initiatives that contribute to Quebec’s economic development.

  • The request must be supported by a complete file that demonstrates how the project or organization contributes to improving the quality of life in the community.
  • The governing committee for donations and sponsorships, made up of managers and professionals at Biron, follows a rigorous application review process to ensure that investments are made with the utmost care and accountability. The process includes a review of your organization’s financial statements, budget management practices and governance practices. Our charity partners must clearly demonstrate what the social impact of our contribution will be.
  • Funding requests are reviewed quarterly. A decision is usually made within 12 weeks of receiving the request, but it can take up to 16 weeks before a decision is rendered, depending on the nature of the request.

Donation request form

Biron requires that requests for donations be made only via the online form. We will then send you a confirmation email. Any request sent by postal mail or email will be rejected.

Informations du demandeur
Description of project, program or event

Veuillez vous référer aux renseignements indiqués dans les types de contribution

For whom is your project or event intended?