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Reality Check.

Clinical studies are just not enough anymore. After a product has been launched, pharmaceutical companies must still prove its effectiveness and better target its users. Our experts can help you set up patient support programs and collect real world data and evidence.

The people behind the data.

For the most part, your results depend on how engaged patients are with their course of treatment. We listen to each patient and track their progress to maximize their comfort, safety and adherence to your programs.

The prognosis: simplicity.

Appointments, samples, results: we take care of your patients from start to finish. Doctors enjoy lighter workloads and you benefit from streamlined management and quick, consistent results.

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  • Support to the pharmaceutical industry

Biron: A simple solution to support your patient programs

At Biron, we partner with pharmaceutical companies so they can offer their patients quick access to the medications and treatments they need. Our goal is to put our 65 years of experience in the private health sector and our network of more than 800 experts to use for the benefit of pharmaceutical companies, their patients and referring physicians to support them in their programs.

We are able to facilitate access to diagnostic services in fields as varied as medical analysis, medical imaging, sleep care and, most recently, pharmacogenetics. In addition, our integrated network allows us to optimize access to results for physicians and nurses and simplify their day-to-day practices.

By making life easier for patients and attending physicians, we are helping the pharmaceutical industry develop its market.

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Commitment at the heart of our mission

At Biron, we recognize that the success of support programs depends on the participation level of patients. Therefore, all of our services are focused on patient engagement: we listen to patients and communicate with them to reduce their stress and anxiety during the time required for a correct diagnosis.

More specifically:

  • We work closely with our various experts to speed up access to diagnosis and treatment. This centralized approach enables us to ensure better transversality between our services
  • Our management team supervises patients throughout their process, both logistically and by answering their questions

Our approach: Expertise. Simplicity. Support. Adaptability.

No matter the scope or complexity of the support services you require, we are committed to the following:

  • Putting Biron’s expertise to work for you with more than a hundred service centres and 800 medical specialists and project managers
  • Offering you unique access to a wide range of integrated services, all under one roof
  • Helping you maximize patient and physician engagement
  • Providing you with turnkey, personalized solutions accompanied by a team of dedicated managers
  • Working diligently with your teams to support the creation of your products and provide data to the attending physician

Some achievements:

  • Lab testing and blood collection for patient outcome programs in oncology and RA
  • Canadian partner for the monitoring of the real-world efficacy of a commercialized drug