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Functional Capacity Assessment

Valid and reliable tool

The functional capacity assessment helps to establish a match between the individual’s functional capacity and the specific requirements of the task, without endangering his or her health or that of his or her co-workers.

Assessment can be completed prior to employment or on the job. It is an objective and concrete measure that helps to clarify the individual’s actual abilities based on the task at hand.

Assessement includes:

  • An accurate analysis of the physical demands of the task
  • Clear acceptance criteria
  • Standardized tests with objective reference values
    • Muscular strength
    • Functional movement screen score (FMSS): focused impairment and muscle weakness
    • Lumbar evaluation
    • Progressive Isoinertial Lifting Evaluation (PILE) to assess the client’s ability to perform repetitive lifting
    • Effort capacity testing
    • Evaluation and training on techniques to support the candidate
  • A subjective and objective musculoskeletal assessment by a qualified professional (kinesiologist or ergonomist)

Interesting statistics

  • A candidate with functional limitations that are incompatible with a task’s requirements will suffer an injury one to five years after being hired.
  • About 4%-5% of candidates for a given position have functional limitations that restrict their ability to do the job safely.
  • The incidence of lumbar lesions among workers with physical abilities to perform the duties required in their work was 3%. However, among workers who did not demonstrate strength or physical ability to perform their work, there was a 33% incidence of lumbago.