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Simplus full face mask

Product Description

Main caracteristics

  • Reliable and effective RollFitTM seal
  • ErgoFormTM headgear keeps the mask in place while you move freely
  • Narrower frame ensures a clear line of sight
  • Quiet operation thanks to a diffuser that reduces noise and exhalation drafts

Main benefits


  • Its RollFitTM seal adjusts to the bridge of the nose to reduce pressure.

Easy to use and maintain

  • Only three simple settings are required to adjust it the first time.
  • Contains few parts, making maintenance easier
  • Easy to reassemble after cleaning thanks to the Easy-Clip hooks


  • Its ErgoFormTM headgear sits high on the rear of the head, allowing unrestricted movement without the mask moving.
  • Its RollFitTM seal adjusts automatically and precisely on the bridge of the nose.


  • Its low-profile Easy Frame ensures a clear line of sight and allows you to read.

Trial period

Try your mask in the comfort of your home. If it does not suit you, you can exchange it during the trial period.

Support at all times

Biron’s AMI online platform (Accompany – Motivate – Instruct) helps you at every step of your treatment. Here you will find close supervision, interactive tools and a wealth of information on your equipment, its maintenance and your treatment.