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Product Description

Main caracteristics

  • For daily maintenance of your mask
  • High absorbency level
  • Pleasant scent of grapefruit and lemon
  • Container of 70 wipes

Who this product is for

PÜRDOUX CPAP Mask Wipes are specially designed for patients who are regularly on the go. They are also suitable for anyone who wishes to simplify the cleaning of their mask.

Main benefits


  • Ready to use
  • Make it easier to maintain the mask while travelling
  • Fit neatly into the CPAP device carrying bag


  • Made from natural ingredients
  • Alcohol and solvent free
  • Soft on hands and safe for silicone surfaces

Support at all times

Biron’s AMI online platform (Accompany – Motivate – Instruct) helps you at every step of your treatment. Here you will find close supervision, interactive tools and a wealth of information on your equipment, its maintenance and your treatment.