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DreamWisp Nasal Mask

Product Description

Main caracteristics

  • Revolutionary design with top-of-head tube
  • Supports a more comfortable sleep, in your preferred position
  • Keep the face clear
  • Includes a self-sealing cushion covering the nose

Main benefits


  • The top-of-head tube allows patients to sleep in their preferred position – on the stomach, side or back – without having a tube in front of the face.


  • The nasal bubble exclusive to this mask provides unparalleled stability.


  • The proven Wisp nasal cushion ensures minimal contact with the face, while creating an optimal seal for patients while they sleep.
  • This model takes up less space in front of the face than traditional nasal masks, allowing for a better line of sight.

Easy assembly

  • Magnetic fasteners enable the harness to be quickly assembled and detached, which is useful for patients with dexterity issues.

Trial period

Try your DreamWisp nasal mask in the comfort of your home. If it does not suit you, you can exchange it during the trial period.

Support at all times

Biron’s AMI online platform (Accompany – Motivate – Instruct) helps you at every step of your treatment. Here you will find close supervision, interactive tools and a wealth of information on your equipment, its maintenance and your treatment.